The EuroComfort Phenomenon

At Comfort One Shoes™, we believe in being nice to your feet. After all, supporting and protecting your feet properly benefits the rest of you as well. A shoe that is constructed to cushion yet support the feet while aligning them properly eases the strain on your legs and back, letting you stand and walk naturally and easily.

In addition, footwear with adequate interior space aids circulation and dissipation of moisture. European comfort shoes have a wider toe box than American-styled shoes, allowing your toes to move and spread out to provide support and balance - the way they were meant to.

The shoes we carry are engineered to provide support, shock absorption and moisture control, using only the highest quality natural and synthetic materials: the finest vegetable-dyed leathers, cork molded footbeds, soles made from firm rubber with honeycomb air pockets, systems of channels, ducts and valves for ventilation, massaging interiors, softly sueded linings. And these are just a sampling of the features of EuroComfort shoes.

In fact, the brands that we carry are so healthy that some of them have been accepted by the people who really know about feet.

A Singular Footwear Experience

Comfort One Shoes™ is committed to offering the finest quality European Comfort footwear in the world combined with exceptional customer experiences delivered by our knowledgeable and full-service staff. This combination of phenomenal footwear comfort, outstanding fit and customer-driven policies is an exact match for today's busy lifestyles.