Samuel Hubbard


Type: Men's Dress

SKU: 15620-341215^8^M

Material: 15620-341215^8^M

Black Pebble
Brown Pebble

What do you get when you cross a gorgeous, soft, pebble-grain leather derby with a sole and an insole system that’s taken more than a billion steps around the planet? That’s right, the world’s most comfortable dress shoe.

What is pebble grain? As the story goes, an apparently disorganized tanner in Scotland retrieved a piece of leather that was lying forever in a corner on a pebbled floor. The pattern of the pebbles had pressed into the leather and created a distinctive look. Thus was born “Scotch” or “pebble” grain.

Whether you’re walking on the drizzly cliffs of The Quiraing or making it rain in the boardroom, this new Scotch spin on a classic has got you covered.