Samuel Hubbard

City Legend

Type: Men's Dress

SKU: 15620-341049^8^M

Material: 15620-341049^8^M


Introducing City Legend. Are they a dress shoe or a comfort shoe? It's complicated. Buttery-soft, full-glove leather, these jet-black oxfords have got the beat of the street. The City Legend is refined, for those times when you want your style to whisper, not shout. The look is unapologetically urban. A 20-block stroll would be a breeze in them. Sleek, elegant and dressy, they still stand up to the elements. The design is clean and contemporary, while the feel is crazy-comfortable. Whether you’re playing the stock market, black jack, or three sets of blues on your Les Paul, The City Legend works (and plays) as hard as you do.

The City Legend has a sleek, sophisticated look and fit. If this is your first pair of Hubbards, you'll likely find them true to size.