The Pink Ara Scout for Breast Care for Washington

Having just had a clear mammogram a few months before, Diane (left) insisted to her doctors that she needed to be scanned again; she knew something was wrong. At 38, Diane was diagnosed with breast cancer – and her battle began. Today, Diane is a 20-year breast cancer survivor.

With a family history of breast cancer, her daughter Donita (right) knew she needed to be scanned early and often. She was recommended to a clinic not far from home: Breast Care for Washington. First as a patient and now an employee, Donita is part of the amazing team at a special nonprofit serving Washington. Diane is a volunteer there, too, doing outreach for the community to help spread awareness. They want all women to know That they don’t have to face the fear
of breast cancer alone and that no one is turned away.

Comfort One Shoes is donating $75 of the cost of every pair of the Ara Pink Scout sold to help fund Breast Care for Washington’s mission: To reduce breast cancer mortality in the nation’s capital by promoting access to screening, diagnostics, and treatment for all women regardless of their ability to pay.
Read more about Breast Care for Washington and their mission here: